What’s your inner oasis?

Oasis: something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast

~ Merriam-Webster dictionary

Many of my long-time clients have likely heard me say, “I’m happy to be in the massage room.” For me, it’s not only the place where I conduct business, but also a place for me to leave behind the demands of a hectic life. An oasis.

When I walk into my massage room I become present and mindful. And that’s how it should be.

A lot of thought and planning has gone into setting up the massage room so it can be a place to release stressors and escape from daily demands. My hope is that my clients start to relax right as the door opens and they “cross the threshold.”

The massage room can transport you to your own inner oasis.

No detail has gone overlooked: lighting, aromas, color scheme, furniture placement, sheet assortment, blanket weight and of course, musical choices, are all selected to help ease my clients into the moment. Stepping into this environment is their cue let go of their day and transition to a state of mindfulness. 

All this preparation in the massage room helps your body know what to expect  and even gets your parasympathetic nervous system firing before I return to the room and start your bodywork. The right environment actually aids in your relaxation and helps you maximize benefits the massage experience. It’s a win-win for therapist and client.

The massage room atmosphere helps give you the time and space to reconnect to your body, mind, and soul. The rejuvenation you gain from the massage helps you rebound calmer, healthier, and feeling more balanced than you did upon arrival.  

How can you create an environment of calm, an inner oasis for yourself, in between massages?

Think about the possibilities. A walk, especially in nature, can balm the psyche. A leisurely hot bath. Or maybe even just sitting quietly gazing at a fire or sunrise. It’s so beneficial to carve out some time each day for mindfulness.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about finding that inner oasis. Feel free to comment below.

6 thoughts on “What’s your inner oasis?”

  1. I feel honored and humbled to experience you and your skills and also being able to call you my dear friend. Thank you for our mutual trust, respect and JOY for our lives as our arenas expand, become challenged, joyfilled and remarkable
    as we pursue the best in ourselves and for ourselves. LOVE! Donna

  2. I had to think about this for a bit. I would have to say that music, more than anything else, creates an oasis for me. It gets me “out of my head”. It has the ability to calm me down, rev me up and alter or enhance my mood.

  3. It is nice to know that you are mindful of all the details that go into creating a relaxing environment. I find my oasis in nature (natural sounds), aromatherapy, and being with animals.

  4. An oasis is different for each one of us. I love that!! My oasis is my reading time that fills me with
    all kinds of characters, events,
    challenges etc. Many times I think of how much they would benefit from your massage therapy!!!!

  5. My inner oasis is hiking a mountain or forest trail. Or when I can get up early enough, quiet time in the morning when I journal and meditate.
    Thanks for the great post. And I love the soothing environment of your massage room!

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