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Be a proactive self-advocate

This spring I turned 50 and quite frankly, hitting my 5th decade has been full of challenges and opportunities…well, it feels like mostly challenges. Aging is an interesting process all by itself, but with all the other landmines life throws at you, the challenges kick up a notch.

Landmines come in many forms, both wonderful and difficult. Opportunities like a long awaited work promotion, moving to your dream house, an exciting new relationship…. or personal challenges such as aging parents, divorce, illness, or burnout. Personally, I find it rather challenging to jump off the hamster wheel when I’m in a perpetual state of overwhelm. A common fear is: “Things” could “fall apart” if I step off the wheel.

When feelings of overwhelm settle in for too long, they morph into chronic stress. Now, there’s a term we’re all familiar with. It’s likely you’re already experiencing stress’s negative side effects if you’ve been riding the wave of long-term overwhelm, unless you’re proactively taking steps to counter its negative effects.

Chronic stress disrupts almost every system of the body increasing the likelihood of weight gain, fatigue, sleep problems, headaches, heart problems, depression, anxiety, stomach issues and even increases your chance of stroke. Let’s face it: The body never lies.

You have to be the #1 advocate for your health and well-being. No one else is going to to do this job for you. We have to be willing to put ourselves first in order to create a strong platform for wellness. If you want to experience a healthy, happy, fulfilling life, being proactive is key!

How can you be a proactive self-advocate:

  1. Decide you’re worth it. Write yourself a letter with this declaration!
  2. Create a healthy mental & emotional prospective.
  3. Get back to body basics.
  4. Meet yourself where you’re at, and recognize this could change day to day.

Do you need support to accomplish any of the above steps? As a life coach, I am here for you. Maybe you just need a professional to help you develop a “getting started” plan. Or perhaps you need concrete ideas to implement for your unique situation. Or you may simply have questions.

Recreate Balance offers complimentary 15 minute consultations to discern the first step. Don’t wait till you’re feeling desperate – be proactive about your wellness and contact me today.

Be well,


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