Wellness and kindness go hand-in-hand

I’ve been pondering the meaning of wellness these past few days and how all-encompassing the topic is.

Often I think of physical health first when it comes to wellness. Questions like, how do I feel in my clothes, how much do I weigh, am I eating healthy foods, how many times did I exercise this past week and how much do I hurt? The benefit of asking these questions is being present in my body and aware of my body.

The challenge is not to ruminate on repetitive negative thoughts, especially if I don’t feel good physically. It’s easy to get down on ourselves if our clothes feel tight, made poor eating choices, or didn’t make time to exercise.

Before we know it we can feel lethargic, moody, and even depressed. It’s astounding how our minds can whip us down the slippery slope of self-degradation. Do you agree?

The irony is that when our physical selves are not at our best, our emotional lives can hang in the balance.

These past few days I’ve found myself easily triggered and experiencing a lot of strong emotions. Honestly, I’m not to sure where they’re coming from, but here they are. And I have been pretty dang gritchity!!

The result is I’ve had to offer a heartfelt apology for my behaviors to a few innocent bystanders. Ugh. Thank goodness my self-awareness has caught up to my triggered self. I’m remembering to pause and take a deep breath before reacting. Otherwise, I may say or do something regrettable and make the situation worse than it needs to be.

In the quest for wellness, life will always present opportunities that challenge us, and yes, trigger us. Sometimes these are easily identifiable, sometimes not. Wellness and our personal well-being is comprised of many layers: physical, mental, relational, financial, emotional, spiritual and more. When one of these layers is wrinkled, the others are affected.

It’s important to remember this, and in the midst of challenges, practice kindness towards ourselves. When we practice self-love and kindness, it’s usually easier to be kind and loving to others, even the people who are our “trigger points.” I encourage you to be kind to yourself on your wellness journey, and remember we are all traveling the same journey, just on parallel paths.

Be well,


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