The treasure hunt: acknowledge and feel your feelings

On the quest of personal development we must become aware of automatic behaviors. Also commonly known as habits. As you know, habits can be good, or bad. Sometimes they sneak up on us, and on the extreme end, can rule aspects of our lives. Where’s the treasure in that?

It’s important to remain open to change and aware of our habits. Sometimes habits mask our feelings and emotions. When we can observe our feelings without judgment, we often discover something powerful about ourselves. It can be uncomfortable to face our feelings, but when we do, we discover little treasures.

Treasures? Yes. The journey to self-improvement is like a treasure hunt.  We travel through uncertainty, and often perceived danger, which makes us avoid our true feelings and emotions. It’s important to step back and really get to the root of an issue. Instead we often expend energy responding to emotional triggers, automatic behaviors (those pesky habits), and negative self-talk.

When we acknowledge our feelings in an objective way, we unearth the treasure – the root – of why we respond in a certain way. And THEN we can get to work on healing.

Recently I had this opportunity to uncover a “treasure” in my life but in the process, had to become vulnerable. It was tough! I had to push out of my personal comfort zone and was faced with one of my habitual behaviors emotional eating. Yes, I am an emotional eater. Certain triggers lead me down this road, but now I recognize I’ve been avoiding my feelings. This was my first step toward dealing with my emotional eating.

Avoiding feelings by emotional eating is something that will negatively influence my health and wellness over time. Once I discovered this and chose to acknowledge and feel my feelings, rather than mask them, I was able to shift my eating back into balance. Although I’m still processing, I have clarity on the root of my behavior. I can choose healthier tools to help me continue to heal and move forward. Now, that’s a treasure.

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