The Power of saying YES to YOU

Most of us have heard about the positive physiological effects that self-care and stress management techniques have on our bodies and overall well-being. These techniques help counter damaging effects (sleep problems, anxiety, pain, weight gain/loss)  that result from living an over-stressed lifestyle.

For a moment, let’s think about how health and wellness influences our personal relationship with ourselves. Our internal world: our thoughts, feelings…the deepest part of ourselves… Yes, it’s true we achieve positive physical effects from self-care techniques but I’ve discovered these techniques enhance my internal relationship with myself and reconnect me to my body.  It may sound crazy, but it’s true.

Self-care and reflection gives me a sense of self-awareness that otherwise stays buried beneath the To-Do list, rushing around, and demands of daily life.

As I continue to practice what I preach to my clients, I’m learning that my interior world has changed for the better. The more I say YES to myself the better and stronger and more peaceful I feel!

And there are more benefits….

  • My self-esteem is healthier
  • I’m aware of my own negative behaviors
  • I can say NO more easily to unnecessary extra demands
  • I feel clearer and more grounded.

And, here’s the big one: I feel better in my own body, no matter what the scale says! I have the capacity just BE in my body and experience more connectedness.

Don’t you see? It’s important to move ourselves in front of the line when it comes to life. Doing so makes us better parents, employees, partners and friends. Most importantly, it nurtures our own relationship with ourselves!

Life should be savored, not just survived.

The healthier our relationship is with ourselves, the better quality of life we experience.

Whatever your self-care techniques are – getting that massage, working out, sleeping in rather than tackling the to-do list, or relaxing poolside – notice your response to making yourself a priority.

 How do you FEEL after saying YES to you? I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below or let me know next time I see you!

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