Stress: where do you feel it?

The physical manifestation of stress:

Did you know that stress expresses itself as pain and discomfort in the body? We seek out massage for a variety of reasons, usually because we need relief from physical stress.

Those familiar signs of muscle tension, neck pain, fatigue, stiff hips, aching shoulders, low back pain – all ways your body says “Enough!” to stress.

Over time, we may begin to feel helpless, as pain, discomfort and unease become a regular part of life. The physical discomfort caused by stress can also pair with irritability, anxiety, or depression.

We get used to feeling bad, and look for other ways to relieve the pain – perhaps OTC or prescription drugs, alcohol, sugary foods, etc. – which don’t help us live a balanced lifestyle.

Instead, we need to pay attention to what our bodies are telling us. The longer we ignore the physical signs of stress, the more our bodies deteriorate – and “yell” louder in the process.

But you can create a different story; one where your body becomes a trusted ally that kindly lets you know when life is tipping out of balance. It IS possible to live a low-stress, healthier, more balanced lifestyle – regardless of your circumstances!

If your interested in creating a stronger Body~Mind connection, contact me today. I’m ready to support you on this journey.

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