Removing Roadblocks

Many of us strive to make positive changes in our life such as eating a nutritious diet, maintaining and/or losing weight, getting enough exercise and managing our stress to create a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Which are all good things, right? These are the facts we know support our health; there are hundreds of scientific studies proving this is true. It’s simple: eat right, exercise, get enough sleep.
The reality is, it’s not easy. Roadblocks always exist in our path to self-improvement.
So, why isn’t it!? I’ve been pondering this for a few weeks. These roadblocks are hidden beliefs, lurking in the back of our psyche, established years or even decades ago. These roadblocks can take the form of excuses, negative self-talk, mistrust in our abilities, and even a warped sense of self-worth.
They stop us from being fully present in our relationships, with ourselves and with life in general. It’s challenging and sometimes impossible to be our authentic self, to keep moving forward and live our best life if we don’t learn how to remove these roadblocks.
They show up in ways such as resistance, self-sabotage, and depression to name just a few. These beliefs, buried deep in our conscience, chain us to a diminished version of ourselves. Often we don’t feel truly accepted, understood or even fully loved.
This is serious. You want to change an outcome or behavior to feel better, but you keep getting in your own way. Sometimes you can’t even identify what’s stopping you. It’s frustrating at the least, and downright debilitating at the worst.
It’s certainly possible to push through the struggle to make the wanted or needed changes. It can feel like wading through wet cement. But once we achieve our goal, more often than not, the change doesn’t last. We slip back into the familiar, destructive behaviors that frustrated us in the first place. Roadblock!
The cycle begins again: what’s wrong with me, I can’t do anything right, and we proceed to beat ourselves up in ways that no other human being can.
Which is exactly why we must practice self-care. No one else can be our best advocate. Self-care includes quiet time to reflect and identify those roadblocks.
It includes seeking support from a coach, counselor, mentor, and/or social networks to learn ways to resolve and carefully remove the roadblocks on our path to wellness, and wholeness.
For most of us, this takes a long time. But with support, honesty, and courage to bring these roadblocks into the light, we increase our chances of change and healing. As we learn, grow and expand, each new realization brings us closer to our true selves.
The truth is, none of us can do it alone. We are designed to need others and be in community. We’re all in this together, walking our path, encountering roadblocks.
Let’s help each other to remove these roadblocks! I encourage you to be brave and seek support to help you live a life fully transformed and authentic. Living from our true selves is truly a beautiful thing.
Be well,

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