Relax: regular massage creates muscle memory

Did you know relaxation is a learned skill?  Just like we build strength and stamina with exercise and healthy eating, a person must build relaxation muscles in order to maximize the positive effects.

Training our body, mind, and spirit to relax is a continual process and skill that requires practice. Do you exercise just once or twice a year? Most likely not. Similar to getting in shape through consistent exercise, the body learns the pattern of a regular massage schedule.

When you commit to consistent massage, normal aches and pains stay at bay. Daily stressors become more manageable. The body-mind-spirit connection increases.

Massage can become a valuable wellness tool when practiced regularly. Over time the body and mind learns what to do and you can acquire the ability to transfer into a deeply relaxed state. Some clients refer to this as an alter-state or even outer body experience.

Not to get too technical, but when the parasympathetic nervous system fires during a massage, tensions are released, allowing you to experience a physical peace of mind. Massage therapists call this “rest and digest”  – decreasing the wear and tear on internal organs, relieving tight muscles, and slowing down your mind.

Isn’t relaxation through massage a skill worth learning for quality of life and longevity? I believe so.

Through regular massage, you and your body become accustomed to the experience. The atmosphere, music, and aromas all contribute to your overall relaxation and help you gain the benefits of massage. It’s almost a ritual.

Often my clients tell me that as soon as they lie down on the table, their body and mind begin to relax. Your whole being anticipates and welcomes the familiar relaxation therapy. This helps you experience a physical and emotional release.

The benefits from regular massage cannot be underestimated. It really is preventative health. Massage gives you a reprieve from the buildup of chronic pain and stress. Muscles learn what it feels like to be in a relaxed state and easily go there again (muscle memory.) The mind learns to let go of the endless To Do list.

You can revel in an hour of physical and emotional rest, making way for a happier, healthier you.

Isn’t it time you committed to a regular massage schedule?

Be well,


7 thoughts on “Relax: regular massage creates muscle memory”

  1. Hi Michele:

    I have a comment: when I get a massage, I find it difficult to not “talk” during the session. Is this hindering my total relaxation benefit? Should I work on quieting my mind and allowing peace and quiet to partner with my massage?

    Your message is very helpful and it is nice to know massage is not just recreational.

    1. Hi Rebecca,
      Great question! You will receive benefits from your bodywork, chatting or not. If you are looking to achieve more peace of mind, then yes, less talking helps. In bodywork, communication with your therapist before the massage session starts, is imperative. I would encourage you to let your therapist know that relaxation (and quiet) is a priority for you. I’ve observed over the years that the more comfortable people feel with the whole experience, the less talking occurs. Feeling safe and secure can take some time as the relationship between client and therapist develops. Conversely, there are times when people need to verbally unload some stress first, then concentrate on relaxing. Perhaps you could try talking the first 5 minutes to release the activity of your day, then transition to quietude for the duration of the massage.

  2. All true! Monthly massage has helped me stay well and also when necessary, recover from life’s bumps, bruises and surprises. Thanks, Michelle!

  3. Michelle, Regular Massage by you keeps me able to do what I need to do. I work 12 hour shifts as an ED nurse and my body takes a beating. Thanks for all you do! Oh, and I really like the panaway? essential oil you tried out on me.

  4. Thank you Michelle:

    I think that I am rushing around so often that when I allow myself to “slow down” for a massage, I have not taken the time to slow my mind down as well. Perhaps, as you say, conversation at the beginning would allow time to shift into a slower gear. Also, this mind-dump would then help to relax me. Thank you for your very thoughtful reply!

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