Personal growth + balance = wellness

It’s been just over a decade since I started my career as a massage therapist. Over the years I’ve established my own special brand of bodywork that focuses on emotional health and creating a more balanced lifestyle.

Massage therapy is primarily a one-to-one endeavor and it’s been a privilege to come alongside my clients in their quest for wellness and balance.

As I continue my studies at Marylhurst University and journey closer to my degree in Human Studies, I’m gaining more opportunities to expand my education. Not just as a student, but also as a presenter. This will take me from the massage room working with individuals to a room filled with people listening to what I have to say!

Although I don’t relish the role of public speaking, I plan to face my fears head on. The results will be worth the anxiety it causes!

As a true believer that we need to push through our personal boundaries to foster expansion and growth, I know I need to walk the walk and not just talk the talk! This is why I’m jumping in feet first. Growth is one of the things that keep us feeling fulfilled with our lives, which in turn make us happy and healthy people (yeah, just tell that to my fear!)

Needless to say, I figured this class is a good opportunity to document on my blog. If anything, you may get a good laugh at my expense!  The topic of the class I’m teaching is Dimensions of Personal Wellness. It will run for five weeks, at an hour each session. My goal is to remain standing tall (or at least coherently sitting) and learn as much (or more) as the students! I will keep you posted.


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