Massage beyond the physical benefits

Is it possible for massage to promote self-empowerment?

I believe it is. Through my massage practice the past 10+ years, and more recently working in a chronic pain clinic, I know there is a trust relationship that is nurtured between the client and the therapist.

Throughout the massage experience – from getting undressed for the massage, to checking in with your massage therapist and allowing the benefits of massage to take root – massage therapy allows for healing, self-awareness, and in the process, self-empowerment.

The massage room is a place to discover your whole self because it provides a safe environment to observe how you’re feeling in body-mind-spirit. It is a place you can voice how you’re feeling, learn what works best to alleviate aches and pains, such as stroke pressure, temperature, and positioning on the table.

Communicating your needs helps you, the client, to advocate for yourself as you pay attention physical responses and make adjustments. This is empowering, especially for individuals who have never had such an opportunity to be in charge of their own well-being.

Consistent massage therapy helps us mend the disconnect that can happen from living an unbalanced lifestyle. Through massage, a safe, caring touch conveys compassion, acceptance, and encouragement which increases feeling of self-worth and body-acceptance.

Massage strokes and pressure promote body awareness by revealing extra tension, soreness and blockages that exist in the body. Furthermore, there are scores of documented studies that support the power of touch for premature infants and the elderly.

Over time with massage therapy, self-advocacy and empowerment become more natural on the part of the client. This is especially notable if an individual has experienced past trauma that has prevented him or her from trusting others and building relationships.

Having a safe, non-judgmental place to rediscover and experience the body-mind-spirit connection is empowering. The massage room can be that place.

As with all relationships, it takes time, trust and confidence to nurture a strong working relationship with your massage therapist.  When you find the right therapist and commit to regular massages, the benefits can be profound.

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2 thoughts on “Massage beyond the physical benefits”

  1. I agree. Relationship building with YOU is the key to my well being and healing massage. There is a level of trust that is now built and I feel that I can present, share my areas of concern and allow YOU to effectively work without reservation.
    You’re amazing Michele!

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