How do your emotions…

Affect your body?

Are you aware of how your emotions manifest physically in your body? It’s often hard to define in words, but most of us feel, either consciously, sub-consciously, how our body and minds are linked.

Our body responds to our thoughts, feelings, and perceived threats physically, also known as the “fight or flight” response.

We’ve all had the experience of an imagined worst-case scenario playing out in our head. Soon our heart starts racing, emotions escalate, our stomach might feel sick and before we know it, we’re pacing the floor worked up over something that hasn’t even happened!

Similar physical responses can happen with everyday stresses if our lives tip out of balance. These stresses can be work-related, relational, financial, etc.

When we continue to focus on perceived stress(es), bodily responses may be tight shoulders, a tension headache, loss of appetite or mindless eating, fatigue, even coming down with a cold or flu due to a compromised immune system. Did you know that stress can actually make you sick?

If such stresses continue to go unchecked, we will carry all those negative emotions out into our world. Then others – coworkers, family, friends – must deal with our sometimes unfortunate behaviors as a result of feeling over-stressed. Stress can run rough-shod over our physical and emotional selves, and impact our loved ones as a result.

Please keep in mind how powerful emotions are to the Body~Mind connection. Take a moment to think about how your emotions manifest in your body. When anger or frustration flares, take a step back and observe the emotion, and why you might be feeling the way you do.

Awareness is the first step to integrating positive health and wellness changes,  and the first step to creating a strong foundation in YOUR relationship with YOU. I invite you to explore your own body-mind connection in your quest for well-being.

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