Healthy body equals…

Healthy mind & spirit!

Let’s recap what we’ve learned so far. In the previous two blog posts, we stopped to notice how pain and/or discomfort manifest physically when stress overtakes our life;  how the mind can induce intense emotions from perceived stresses, and how the body physically reacts as if these perceived stressful situations are truly happening. These emotional and physical reactions to stress can be scary at times.

The Body~Mind relationship is very real. It’s true: our mind has a direct impact on our emotions and in turn, the body responds, sometimes negatively! Stress reducing activities that influence the body like massage, deep breathing, and exercise have a direct effect on our state of mind. We know this to be true and there is tons of research to back it up. But you don’t necessarily need the research to understand this – just notice how good you feel after working out, doing yoga, or getting a massage.

This was a big realization for me. When I started on my path to health and wellness, my main reason was to handle emotional triggers. I would walk in a wooded area to burn off the excess hormones produced by stressful situations, emotional reactions, and overload. Being in nature would calm my mind, reset my disposition offering grounding, mindfulness and the ability to be in the present moment. Surrounded by trees, fresh air, and the sounds of nature balmed my psyche.

Soon I discovered the joy of being in my body. It became a trusted friend and ally, letting me know when life started to get out of balance. All I needed to do was choose a stress relieving activity to get back into sync. Over time, my self-esteem, health, relationships (most importantly with myself) and my quality of life improved. All these positive changes came from understanding the Body~Mind connection. And then being proactive about striving for balance.

What does all this mean? Your health and wellness require an integration of body and mind. It’s clear that what we do for one directly affects the other! From a stress management perspective, that makes life a little simpler. Coming soon: ideas on integrating and supporting this connection.

Remember, it’s all about you! When you take care of you, you can take care of others.

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