Getting back in your body…

… the first step to achieving optimal wellness

Recently, during a wellness class I realized that before you begin any self-care technique, the first thing you have to do is get back in your body.

But what does that mean exactly?

Getting back in your body means simply being aware of physical signs (good, bad, or neutral) that indicate what is going on with your whole being.

It’s impossible to navigate an emotional trigger, deal with an out-of-control mind or work with the physical responses of your body until your body and mind back in alignment. It’s the first step in opening up your self-awareness. Remember, our body and mind work together, every minute of the day, whether we notice it or not.

When stressors from work, home, family, or your health start to carry you down that old familiar road of negative thoughts and reactions, pause, and get back in your body.

But how does it work?

It may seem hard at first, especially when you’re in that automatic reactive state, but it becomes easier over time and with practice. The first step is to pause and notice what’s going on with yourself. Consciously choose to move from your reactive state to being fully present.

The next step is to breathe. Yep, deep breathing slows down that more reactive automatic physical response (fight or flight) and we start to become mindful.

Now you can have control (control of your thoughts and emotions.) Getting back in your body allows you to stay calm and objective, simply by noticing, pausing and breathing. You remove yourself from that reactive “fight or flight” state.

Mindfulness is key to the experience of getting back into your body.  What is mindfulness anyway? It simply means being aware. Read more in this article from the American Psychological Association, “The term “mindfulness” has been used to refer to a psychological state of awareness….”

How does this happen?

The simplest way to become psychologically aware is to breathe, and become aware of your body. Notice how your chest feels as it expands when you take in air, then the notice how it feels as your ribs release and the air moves out of you lungs. Feel the ground under your feet; where are you? How do your clothes feel against your skin? What sounds do you hear?  What smells do you smell? Many people find this exercise easier to do in nature, but really, you can be anywhere and practice mindful breathing.

Take the time to read the links that I shared, and practice getting back into your body this week. I promise it will effort well spent.

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