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Integrating your Body~Mind connection

The Body~Mind connection is really a personal journey of profound self-discovery. Stress management skills help us move through life’s circumstances without completely losing our sanity.

As we grow and expand, we start to let go of the thought that “life happens to us” and instead learn the perspective of “life is for us.” In theory, it sounds simple: keep body, mind and spirit in balance and we will feel good and be happy. We all know this is easier said than done. Life is hard – it’s the pain of being human.

As you learn to integrate these unique pieces, body-mind-spirit, and how they work together, your inner world will become less stressful, or at least less disruptive. Because our inner world is the only thing we can ultimately control. Stress in life is inevitable, but we can handle struggles better when the health of our body, our mind, and our spirit is in balance.

I’ve discovered over the years, not only as a massage therapist but through personal experience, a fourth main area that works in tandem to help you maintain balance: our emotions. That’s right. Our emotions affect our body, our mind, and our spirit. Read on….   

Discovering the language of the body offers clues to our inner world. Physical symptoms like fatigue, muscle tension, neck and/or low back pain, loss of or poor sleep are all ways the body lets us know things are out of balance. If you can learn to not merely notice these symptoms, but understand that your body is communicating with you, you are on your way to comprehending the quest for balance.

Observing what is going on in your mind is imperative. Our thoughts, feelings, perceived ideas, and expectations all influence how we navigate a stressful situation. Are your thoughts spinning or boarding on self-abusive? Pause and pay attention to your thoughts, and discern why you are thinking and/or feeling a certain way. This is a powerful way to stop yourself from drowning in negativity.

Are you balming your emotions with food, alcohol, shopping, or other addictive behaviors? Or perhaps ignoring your emotions by overcompensating and/or trying to control situations or people? Don’t be afraid to feel your feelings. But remember, emotions are not who you are. Strong emotional responses will pass. Being aware of what triggers you and learning to befriend your emotions is a good start. If you can detach from your emotions and those triggers, you will manage stress more effectively.

Is your quiet, soft-spoken spirit trying to communicate with you? Are you lacking moments of deep connection or a sense of belonging? Learning to be quiet, become mindful and discover the still, small voice of your soul is so important. I would argue it’s the most important. It is that place deep in ourselves that offers us peace, understanding and a sense of being connected to something larger than ourselves. Tapping into your spirit is the key for living a truly balanced life.  

Understanding and integrating all these pieces of ourselves is a continual journey. This gives us opportunities to learn flexibility, acceptance, and self-love. I invite you to practice awareness of your body-mind-spirit connection and how your emotions influence these connections.

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4 thoughts on “Discover the missing pieces…”

  1. Excellent post! The part about the emotions affecting body/mind/spirit really resonates with me. Working on that – trying to remember that a feeling, even if it’s super intense, will pass. Feel and recognize the emotion, then detach from it.

    1. Yep, feeling feelings can seem a bit scary, the reality is we are better off for allowing ourselves to do so. If we resist them other things surface such as emotional eating, the need to over control or we seek out ways to numb ourselves. Thank you for sharing Jennifer!

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