Building a positive relationship with yourself

Self-improvement: It seems we’re always looking for that one thing that will make everything better. With society pushing gadgets, pills, and programs that promote instant gratification, is it any wonder we think that our wellness can be achieved quickly with lasting results???

The reality is there is no quick fix when it comes to health and wellness. Instead, it’s a continual journey, step by step.

Here’s what I’ve realized…we really never achieve a perfect picture of wellness, although we can come close at times. Just as life ebbs and flows, so does the relationship with our health and wellness. Things change and we need to make adjustments for our circumstances, bodies, and minds. But we can get down on ourselves anyway, which doesn’t help matters.

Knowing that wellness is a practice, not a race, is the first step to a healthy relationship with YOU.

The key to maintaining wellness is to offer yourself the same compassion and non-judgment you would offer your best friend.  After all, this is a relationship and the one that is most important.  Think about it. Would you rather be in relationship with an emotionally healthy person or an abusive one?

Part of a personal health and wellness practice is to make healthier choices: more fruits and veggies, exercise, sleep, stress management, etc. But don’t forget about personal development.

Building a trustworthy relationship with YOU lays a strong foundation for continued growth towards personal wellness. As you continue to build the relationship with yourself, positive changes will ripple out into all areas of life. I call this the six dimensions of wellness.

As we implement small behavior changes, we build our “personal successes” muscle. If you have ever worked with me, you’ve heard me say, small changes matter! Positive healthy behavior builds trust in yourself and enhances confidence.

With each small, yet significant change, you feel better about yourself. The more we feel good about ourselves, the more it shows in our outer world. It’s like developing muscle memory for our attitudes, just as physical muscles develop memory during a massage or working out.

What small step have you implemented that has influenced your outlook and personal development? I would love to hear about your successes (and/or challenges) in your wellness journey. We’re all traveling the same road!

Take good care!


4 thoughts on “Building a positive relationship with yourself”

  1. Wow, this post really hits home. You’re so right. Thanks for the reminder to be gentle with myself – that I need to be mindful of circumstances that “ebb and flow” in my quest for wellness, and adjust my attitude accordingly. 🙂 Keep up the great blogging!

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